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Just wanted to send you a short note about the Goldendoodle that
was born March 23, 2012. Her name is Lola. We picked up our
baby girl in May and every since then she has been such a joy in
our life. She is such a beautiful dog (she really thinks she is
human) and so very smart. We could of not asked for a puppy any
better than what we got. We love her so much, sometimes she
thinks ahead of us and know what we are going to do or say.
Enclosed is a picture taken of her in October. She loves to run and
play in our large back yard and then take a nap on the couch. She
is the first dog we ever let on furniture. Just wanted to let you all
know that she has made a life complete. Thank you all so much.

Charles and Carolyn Lee

 My whoodle was my Christmas miracle . I named her Sadie. She was in the 1st litter of whoodles born in Dec. of 2013. I took Sadie home at 8 weeks old in January, and have had her now for almost 8 months. I heard about Love-N-Care from a friend after my toy poodle had past away around Christmas .The Love-N-Care staff was so friendly,helpful, and understanding. They let me come out for as many visits as I needed,and let me spend as much time as I could with the puppies, and the momma so I could make a decision . They also helped us get started with a free vet visit that was so easy to set up. I am so happy I chose a dog through them. Sadie is nothing but the best parts of both the poodle, and the wheaton terrier . She is everything you want, and look for in a whoodle or any dog really. She displays all the best personality trait\'s . I love the way the whoodles do not shed at all,and really are the best dog for allergy sufferers. We used to have a toy poodle but found the toy poodle only really bonds to one person in the family,and can be so sensitive. Our Sadie love\'s everyone! Even new people, and strangers she meets on walks. She makes us laugh all the time, and we always get compliments while at the vet office or on walks. She just warms everyone\'s hearts. She took really well to training,and grooming,and handling,and that is a sign of great breeding . Love-N-Care really know what they are doing ,and I would tell everyone to go there . In the picture I am posting Sadie was around 5 months old I think,and around 30 lbs. Now she is almost 8 months old,and 44 lbs. She has never had any health issues or behavior problems . I can\'t wait to take her back for a visit, and hope to find another litter.